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Advanced Sleep Therapy Team

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AST History AST History

In 2003 John, Mike, and Caryn were all working in the sleep therapy industry. Frustrated with the new “cost-cutting” culture, they teamed up to create a new vision for sleep therapy — a company where the clients come first! Utilizing each member’s respective talents, AST devised a business plan that was fiscally responsible without compromising […]

AST Services AST Services

The mission of Advanced Sleep Therapy is to set the standard of excellence in our community by providing the patient, their families, and their physicians with confidence that we are dedicated, committed, and highly capable of delivering responsive, professional, and caring service to each and every patient as part of a successful plan of care. […]

Sleep Therapy Information Sleep Therapy Information

Advanced Sleep Therapy Limited is open and responsive to customers and any questions, comments, or concerns. We want to hear from you! In an effort to improve the quality of care, we frequently document customer communications. Formalizing your questions, comments, and concerns allows us to improve our organization and the care we provide. We have […]

AST Blog

Cats and Dogs with OSA: Does your pet need a CPAP?

Cats and Dogs with OSA: Does your pet need a CPAP?

Posted on Sep 16, 2014 in Outside the Office

After reading that title, you might be scratching your head. “Is Nate really trying to sell us a CPAP device for our pets?” The answer is no, of course not! However, I was curious to find out if household pets, specifically cats and dogs, suffered from sleep apnea. The results I found were a bit […]

Helpful CPAP Tips from John Kissane

Helpful CPAP Tips from John Kissane

Posted on Sep 9, 2014 in Living and Breathing AST

For any business, the key to continued success is finding out why your customers chose you and continuing to meet their needs. At Advanced Sleep Therapy, our customers continually use us to meet their sleep apnea treatment needs due to our reputation for quality service. AST has grown incredibly over the past 10 years using […]

Get A Better Night’s Sleep pt. 4: Diet and Exercise

Get A Better Night’s Sleep pt. 4: Diet and Exercise

Posted on Sep 2, 2014 in Discovering Wellness

Welcome back to Discovering Wellness. As we continue our quest to get a better night’s sleep, lets re-visit what we have already learned. Our first post highlighted the importance of investing in a regular sleep schedule. The following post, we learned more about naturally regulating a sleep-wake cycle.  Our third post discussed creating relaxing bedtime […]

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