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We Treat Sleep Apnea

Affecting 5-15% of middle-aged adults,
studies show strong associations between
sleep apnea and high-blood pressure, high cholesterol,
heart attacks and other cardiovascular conditions.

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about us

The mission of Advanced Sleep Therapy Ltd. is to set the standard of excellence in our community by providing the patient, their families, and their physicians with confidence that we are dedicated, committed, and highly capable of delivering responsive, professional, and caring service to each and every patient, as part of, a successful plan of care.


the process



Have you been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea? If not, see a sleep doctor for a sleep evaluation. If you have been diagnosed, give us a call with your diagnosis and doctor's prescription!



One of our friendly therapists will set you up with a machine and mask that is right for you. They will walk you through exactly how to use and maintain your new equipment!



AST is committed to customer satisfaction. We'll follow-up with you after 72 hours, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months! We also offer wireless compliance monitoring.

meet our team

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Caryn McArdle
John Kissane
Mike Shusterman
Karen Grollo Morris
Director of Sales and Marketing
Marcel Rizq
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We Can Help

Sleep Apnea shouldn't be ignored and CPAP Therapy is highly effective. But don't just take our word for it...

  • solutions-image

    CNN – 1/28/2015

    "...Almost all cases can be treated by using a device called a continuous positive-air pressure, or CPAP, machine. The device sends air through a tube and a mask, into a patient's nose and mouth while they sleep, keeping the airway open."

  • solutions-image

    NY Daily News – 1/30/2015

    "Sen. Schumer demands New York’s commuter railroads test engineers for sleep apnea. An investigation determined an engineer’s sleepiness and undiagnosed sleep apnea is to blamed for Metro-North derailment that killed four passengers."

  • solutions-image

    WebMD – 10/31/2014

    "Sleep apnea may make it hard for you to remember simple things, such as where you parked your car or left your house keys, a small study suggests."

our services

Although each patient experience varies based on individual diagnosis, AST provides the following services.

  • Set-Up01
  • Follow-Up02
  • In-Home Appointments03
  • Patient Education04
  • Top Quality Equipment05
  • Emergency Response06


Each therapist will spend a minimum of one hour with each patient to ensure a proper mask fit, and that the patient understands the equipment and has had all their questions answered. We want patients to feel at ease with their CPAP therapy so they can be confident when using it at home!



An AST clinician will follow up with patients after 72 hours, 1 week, 1 month, 3 month, and 6 months! If a patient is having difficulty acclimating to the equipment after one week, we will gladly go back out for a follow-up visit to assess and resolve any problems that have arisen. Of course, there is no charge for this follow-up visit.


In-Home Appointments

Advanced Sleep Therapy Ltd. can provide the specific care, treatments, and services in your own home! We cover a geographic area that includes a general area of a 70 mile radius from our location. A specific list of counties we provide care, treatments, and services in can be provided upon request. We also handle patient set-ups and appointments in our office.


Patient Education

Upon each patient's initial set-up, they will receive a patient information packet. This packet is full of important educational materials presented in an easy to understand format. Some materials include: Welcome Letter, Service Explanation Form, Home Safety Tips, Emergency Preparedness, Equipment Basics, Cleaning and Replacement Schedules, and a Patient's Bill of Rights. Our aim is to empower each and every patient to achieve the best results from their treatment plan!


Top Quality Equipment

At Advanced Sleep Therapy, we supply our patients with the best quality for masks and machines. Carrying industry-leading brands, our selection is top-notch. Our masks even come with a 30-Day guarantee! More equipment services include:

  • VPAP
  • Nocturnal Oxygen
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Overnight Oximetry


Emergency Response

Advanced Sleep Therapy Ltd. provides on-call 24-hour access to staff members for emergency situations. An emergency situation means that the care, treatments, and services provided are for a life threatening condition and immediate assistance is needed so that a disruption in care, treatments, and/or services is prevented. If you are experiencing an emergent situation, please call our office and you will be directed as to how to reach our on-call personnel.

If a true life-threatening event is present, clinical personnel are to initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and activate the emergency medical system (EMS) by dialing 9-1-1 (unless contraindicated by an advanced directive). Staff not trained in CPR will only activate the EMS (unless contraindicated by an advanced directive) and remain until help arrives. PERSONNEL ARE NOT TO ACTIVATE THE EMS SYSTEM IF DOING SO GOES AGAINST THE ADVANCE DIRECTIVES OF A PATIENT THAT IS ON FILE OR CURRENTLY PRESENT AT THE PLACE OF INCIDENT.



AST Trusted Brands

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